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Looking for something to read while shitting? I can help you!

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So I’ve started posting my longer stuff here- 

I’ll still post here when I dont have as much to say on a certain subject. So go read my new thing. Peace Fuckers.


We Are On The Move……

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So im on the move again…..I needed to move to bigger forum where more people will read my fantastic(in my opinion) stuff.  Enter –

Just so you know, I won’t be edited…..I can’t curse in my Titles and thats it. I can get around it, i’m a cunninglinguist. ”This Week In Fuck You’ is becoming ” I Hate You”…. i’ll just curse twice as much in the actual post. Thank you for reading my hateful waste of time, you mother fuckers.


A Special Message from…..Me

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(Bites into lukewarm hotpocket)

So incase I haven’t gotten ahold of you my Rich Rod rant got linked by the glorious today as of this moment its gotten 488 hits…..which is like 480 more than i thought it would.

(Chugs Moutain Dew Code Red)

I really have nothing to say besides this may have actually motivated me to post more often(I can see you rolling your eyes).

(Adjust crotch)

 Big thanks to deadspin for the link, and to my friends for actually reading.

A Very Special Message From…..Michael Beasley

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(Smoke Clears)

(Sound of Bong)

WOOOO” ”SHIT” Im high azz fuck!


Yo listen up, diss blog right heres gunna be poppin today!

(Rolls Blunt)

(Get’s Sad Look)

Why doesnt anybody understand the pressure!