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Enjoy Junior College Boys…..

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Nu’Keese Richardson and Mike Edwards, two of the three Tennessee Vols arrested last week, have been ”permanently dismissed” from the football team. So they’ll prolly turn up at another SEC school in 2 years.


Is Your Schools Coach Getting Fired? Heres Who Your School Should Hire!

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(Bring some big fucking marshmallows)

Has your teams coach overseen a large down hill slide after being hired, after your last coach left amongst shady circumstances that will never allow him to enter the state again? Does this coach run the ball directly up the middle on 3rd and 8 with a 180lb slot reciever, only to then go for it on 4th down while your teams down 7, only to lose by 3? Did you just write a 1200 word post on your blog a few days ago (sort of) defending this coach? If these circumstances exist, your coach should probably be fired. These are the guys you may want to see hired.


butch jones

Butch Jones:

Current School- Central Michigan


Record as HC- 22-12

Kevin Sumlin

Kevin Sumlin

Current School-Houston


Record as HC- 16-6

Bud Foster

Bud Foster

Current School-Va. Tech as Defensive Coordinator


Credentials as DC- Has been in the top 20 in scoring defense 7 of last 9 years.


Mike Leach

Mike Leach

Current School- Texas Tech

Age- 48

Career Record- 82-42

Completely Obscure

Mark Helfrich

Mark Helfrich

Current Offensive Coordinator at Oregon

Age- 36

1st Season as OC at Oregon, considered one of the top rising coaches in the nation.


5 College Football Games of The Week…

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Every week I’ll pick the winners of  5 college football games I find intresting, plus the WVU game……

Boise State @ Tulsa

Will be more exciting than 100% of all Big 10 games.

Winner- Boise State

Cinncinnati @ South Florida

The Bearcats 1st big test of the year.

Winner- Cinncinnati

Oklahoma @ Texas

Oh this is a big game? Noone chokes in big games beter than Bob Stoops!

Winner- Texas

USC @ Notre Dame

Despite what the commercials show, the new SAW movie is just a picture of  Charlie Weis naked. Critics have described it as a ”landmark in horror film making.”

Winner- USC

South Carolina @ Alabama

Steve Spurrier could use a big upset to stay relevant…..this is not that win.

Winner- Bama

Marshall @ WVU

Lets just hope Marshall tranportation is taken care of….heard they’ve had problems with before.