8 Observations About The NBA Season

8.- The Knicks might suck, but Danilo Gallinari is for real.

We knew going in that this Knicks season was going to be an epic tank-job. The Knicks are a team of overpaid vets with expiring contracts (Larry Hughes, Al Harrington), young future bench guys (Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas) 2 young fringe starters (Wilson Chandler, David Lee) and one big tittied under-achiever (Courtney Love Eddy Curry). Even with that line-up of has-beens, might-bes and never was’. One player stands out-Danilo Gallinari.  He’s the one guy on this team that can be a top-3 guy on a contender and a guy whose shooting, defensive effort, and versatility will complement Lebron James and the other new Knicks next season  perfectly.

7.- Lebron James is effing gone.

The Cavs tried. They tried so damn hard. But their failure to bring in a second banana to play next to and grow up with LeBron will turn into one of the biggest mind blowing fuck-ups in NBA history. Shaq and Big Z are walking corpes. Mo Williams defense can be best described as ”broken condom-like”.  Yes, the Cavs are 15-5. But what reason have they given LeBron to stay? Wheres his Pippen? It’s not there and it will never be there.

6. NBA GM’s are predictably kicking themselves over missing on DeJuan Blair.

How much more obvious could it have been? The guys rough low-post game is built for double-doubles. He completely bitched out #2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet, seen here-

What more did GM’s need to see?

5. Greg Oden will never make it.

Saturday nights knee injury was the nail in Odens over grown, over-hyped, foul-prone coffin. The guys body is as sturdy as post-wipe toilet paper.

4.  The Thunder are on the cusp.

Now THIS is how you build a team! When Durants contract is up, is he really going to leave a probable playoff contender with Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green(a poor mans Shawn Marion), and James Harden(smartly brought off the bench to avoid too much pressure). This team is a big time Center away from contending and unlike most of the GM’s in the league, I have faith that he’ll be able to find him.

3. David Sterns PC bullshit has gone too-far.

Stern said in a interview with S.I. that he thinks a woman will play in the NBA in the next 10 years. Can’t wait for this to roll across ESPNs bottom line.

”……Chicago Guard Nu’Kana Carter out (Menstrual Cramps)”

2. Boston is back in full-on ”woofing, chest pounding, have to kill us to beat us” mode. 

We know the script by now. If KG, Pierce, and Shuttleworth stay healthy, their the Eastern Conferences best. Why just the Eastern Confernces best? Well….

1. The Lakers have assembled a near-perfect roster.

No team has as flexible a line-up as the Lakers. Wanna go small? Fine they’ll throw out Gasol, Odom, Kobe, Fisher, and Farmar. Wanna go big? Fine they’ll go with Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Artest, and Kobe. Their backups know their roles. They have everything to low you out and an absolute end of game killer in Kobe. I can’t see anyone beating these guys this year.





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