Get ready for the ”Joe Alexander Basketball Camp”

joe alexander

The Bucks declined to pick up for WVU forward Joe Alexander’s contract option for next season. This is a historic level of bust, as Alexander is the highest drafted player ever to not have his option picked up. Guess its hard to succeed in the NBA when your only pro-level skill is ”Jumps Real High” and your constantly injured. But seriously dude, shape the fuck up. I’m forced to draft you every year in my fantasy leagues ”White Guy Only” round.


2 Responses to “Get ready for the ”Joe Alexander Basketball Camp””

  1. My only pro-level skill is “jumps real high” hu? It’s the NBA. It’s tough to have success here when you’re young and injured. Try not to hurt yourself jumpin on my bandwagon when i get healthy and start killin.


    • A) Allow me to have my doubts that you are actually who you claim to be, as this is the world of random internet commenting and one has to look no farther than Twitter to see people pretending to be athletes.

      B) If this really is you, then I hope I tear my fucking hamstring jumping on your bandwagon. You were a pleasure to watch play at WVU and I wish you nothing but the best, its the internet- don’t take anything too seriously.

      – Jeremy

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