Did you jump on the right bandwagon last night?



This World Series contains two fanbases I fucking hate- Anybody from Pennsylvania and anyone from the New York/New Jersey sinkhole. Why do I hate these douchebags? The fucking transparent team loyalty. Are you a Pirates fan? Put on your brand new Utley jersey you fucking shitsucker. NY Met fan? Expound about Derek Jeters defense as if you were Joe Morgan! While your at it, go kill yourself. Look on the brightside ”Yankee fan”, if this doesn’t work out you can strap on your Tony Romo jersey….or your Kobe Bryant jersey…..or your (insert good hockey team here I don’t watch that fucking bullshit) jersey. Fuck you, you bandwagon fuckers. I hope you roofie each other on accident and get raped by a tranny queen who steals your collection of Affliction T’s. Fuckers.

Well that was an awesome way to get back on the bloggin’ horse. Enjoy your day gentlepeoples.


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