5 College Games of The Week….

Titletown USA College Football

(Oh god…I hope he was the one who made that tape)

Every week I’ll pick the winners of  5 college football games I find interesting, plus the WVU game……

Georgia Tech @ Miami

Winner- Miami

The NFL level athleticism the Noles possess will further prove why the triple-option never caught on in the pros.

Temple @ Penn State

Ohio State @ Toledo

Winner- The States


USC @ Washington

Winner- Washington

USC’s former OC Steve Sarkisian is now the head man for the Huskies…….Jake Locker is the West Coast version of Tim Tebow……USC got a big win last week….Whats that?….. OH MY GOD COULD IT BE? YES! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOUR USC CHOKE JOB OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Tennessee @ Florida

Winner- Florida

Urban Meyer seems like a nice guy, the type of guy who wouldn’t run up a score or try to embarass the other team. That being said, I think Lane Kiffin really did piss him off and Meyer will channel his inner-Spurrier…..Tebow plays all 4 quarters and the Gators hang 60 on the Vols.

WVU @ Auburn

Winner- WVU

What’s that Gene Chizik? You say the SEC is the best conference in the country? But you claim to be part of this conference?  Well that can’t be right!


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