Jay Cutler vows to play better, will likely still suck

This piece came from espn.com, fuck them

”Cutler vows to play better”

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Just for the record, Jay Cutler had a hard time believing how his debut with the Chicago Bears went, too.

Josh McDaniels does not.

Hailed as a franchise savior after the blockbuster trade from the Denver Broncos, the rifle-armed quarterback threw a dud in a season-opening loss at Green Bay. Four interceptions had fans buzzing for the worst.

”Buzzing”? Are the fans fucking bees? What the fuck does ”Buzzing for the worst” even mean? Can someone ”Hiss for mediocrity”?

He vowed to do better when the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers visit this week.

Wow! Bold fucking prediction Jay! ”Hey guys im going to tear up the defense that just lost its starting safety and still employs Deshea Townsend! Look at me im the greatest emo Quarterback ever!”

Cutler said he wasn’t any more nervous than usual against the Packers. He was, however, “disappointed in my performance, but I can’t dwell on it.”

Hey guys no matter how bad I play, i’m still gettin fucking paid!





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