5 College Games of the Week…..Week 2 Edition



Every week I’ll pick the winners of  5 college football games I find intresting, plus the WVU game……

Syracuse @ Penn State

Winner- Penn State

Rattled by the Happy Valley crowd, Greg Paulus will begin flopping uncontrollably….

Marshall @ Va. Tech

Winner- Va. Tech

Our tragedy is worse than you tragedy!

TCU @ Virginia

Winner: TCU

The ACC’s a fucking high school conference.

Notre Dame @ Michigan

Winner: Notre Dame

At WVU, Rich Rod never had to win the tough games and never did, at Michigan the standards are a little bit higher. Notre Dame wins and the Rodriguez death march begins.

USC @ Ohio St.

Winner: USC

Ohio St. loses big games…this is a big game….USC’s Pac-10 speed beats the Buckeyes Big-10…uh…umm…..”talent.”


Winner: WVU

ECU was riding high last year when the Mountaineers came into Greenville last year. The Pirates will put up a fight, but in the the Eeers are too fast and talented.






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