Eric Mangini Isn’t Saying Shit……

What do you get when you combine Bill Belicheck’s paranoia with Romeo Crennel’s lack of coaching talent? You get the man in the picture above, Eric Mangini. Now I understand the choice between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn can be difficult, they both do suck incredibly bad. But by refusing to announce a starting QB for the Browns week 1 game against Minnesota, Mangini is basically saying ”we dont have a fucking QB”. Probably not the best message there Mangackoff! Its not like these guys are that different? Quinn’s slightly more mobile, Anderson throws the deep ball a little better, but their pretty much the same blueprint pocket passer. So whats going to happen when the Browns take the field Sunday? Whoever starts will suck a dick against the Vikings very good defense, followed by Mangini replacing that guy with the other piece of shit QB he inherited. In the end, neither guy gets a fair shake, the Browns lose, and Mangini looks like an idiot.


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